FitoBoost is an innovative and socially conscious company with a dynamic team of health enthusiasts.
We invite you to join the FitoBoost movement and MAKE THE LIFE AWESOME!
We are dedicated to help you BOOST ENERGY, GET A RADIANT SKIN AND REBOOT YOUR BODY NATURALLY with the help of our Products, Guides and Blog.


FitoBoost is on a mission to make a healthy lifestyle easy and accessible to EVERYONE. We believe in the power of nature and food to heal our bodies and souls. Therefore we are working to not only spread the word about a healthy lifestyle, but also HELP THE LESS FORTUNATE CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD.

For every purchased product on our website we make a donation to the charity that will HELP TO FEED CHILDREN in need. For every box of FITOBOOST Tea sold on our website, we make a donation to provide 4 meals to a child in need.

And when you upload a picture of your FITOBOOST TEA with the hashtags
#FitoBoostTea and @Fito_Boost , we’ll double that food to help a second child in need!

We can help to create the world where NO child goes to bed hungry – please help us on this mission!

Charities we support:

Children’s Hunger Fund

Feed The Children