The benefits of green tea

While there are plenty of health beverage types on the market, the reality is that green tea is indeed one of the best. There are many benefits of green tea – not only does it include a lot of antioxidants, but at the same time it’s also packed with elements that bring quite a lot of benefits to your health as a whole. But how does green tea influence natural weight loss, and is there any way it could help you to maintain healthy weight? Let’s find out!

Green tea is packed with EGCG that can help you lose fat

Green tea includes a wide range of bioactive elements. Not only does it include caffeine that helps improve exercise performance and fat burning, but it also offers access to a multitude of fat burning antioxidants such as catechins or EGCG for example.

EGCG, al so called the Epigallocatechin Gallate is one of the main substances that you can find in green tea, and with it alone you can provide a major metabolism boost. At the same time, you can access all these benefits no matter if you use green tea as a supplement or as a simple beverage, although the green tea extract seems to bring in front better results.

Green tea helps mobilize fat from your fat cells

With the help of EGCG, green tea can allow you to help inhibit one of the major enzymes that are used to break down the hormone which is named norepinephrine. The more green tea you drink, the more norepinephrine production gets increased, and this allows your nervous system to promote fat breakdown, which obviously leads to staying fit and losing weight.

You can use it during exercise

While many drink green tea before or after exercising, studies have shown that if you drink it during exercising, you can actually burn down up to 17% more fat. This alone shows that you should drink green tea during your workouts if you want to further improve your body’s ability to burn down fat!

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Green tea can help to boost the metabolic rate and burn more calories

We all know that the human body burns calories all the time, but the problem is that sometimes it can’t cope with the large amount of calories that we intake in a fast and reliable manner. With the help of green tea, not only can you boost your metabolic rate and burn up to 10% more calories, but at the same time you will have more energy and this will lead to a better productivity during the day!

It can remove belly fat

Most of us have to deal with belly fat all the time, however you do need to exercise a lot in order to remove it properly. With green tea, you can promote belly fat reduction, and more specifically visceral fat (fat that builds up around the organs) reduction a lot faster. Not only does this allow you to stay healthy, but it also promotes you a healthier life, which is crucial for any person that wants to lose weight and avoid diseases.

In conclusion, green tea offers a wide range of unique, extraordinary benefits that can help to boost your metabolism, energy, aid better body detox and weight loss. Not only is it amazing for losing weight, but at the same time it allows you to maintain yourself in the best possible shape. If you care about your health or if you just want to detox and lose weight, green tea is the perfect choice that you can make.

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