How to Burn Calories at Breakfast

How to Burn Calories at Breakfast

Did you know that a good breakfast can enhance your health and help losing weight?

Have you ever wondered about how to burn calories at breakfast? It is absolutely wrong skipping your first meal, as this will affect both your physical and mental well-being.

In the morning your body feels pretty much the same as you feel – sleepy and not willing to work. Long sleep slows down metabolism, drains energy and makes your brain work slower. That is why breakfast should be balanced – containing all the elements needed for getting your body back on track.

Of course, you may say you are one of those people for whom a cup of coffee makes a breakfast, or that you don’t have any time for cooking or just don’t fancy eating in the mornings. So, if that is the case, I strongly advice re-thinking your habits. Healthy eating imply as a minimum: a full breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner. If you start eating this way, in a month you will start feeling a healthy appetite in the mornings.

How to Burn Calories at Breakfast?

Any morning meal should contain some carbohydrates, proteins and, of course vitamins. You can choose porridge, granola with natural yogurt, smoothie, cottage cheese, eggs, vegetable salad and many other things. Remember, that breakfast should be nourishing, but not too much, otherwise it will be overwhelming for your stomach and would not give that sought after in morning energy. Also, it would make you sleepy and reduce productivity.

Complex carbohydrates in porridge will supply you with long-lasting energy, a handful of nuts make your brain work, the sweetness of fruits will make mood better and eggs and cottage cheese bring balance to one’s soul.

If you quickly stuff yourself with a sandwich and gulps of coffee, the day will be as fast-paced, and not in a good way. Try to find some time to relax and enjoy your delicious breakfast, this will give you positive emotions for the whole day and will enhance your productivity.

Avoid ‘fast’ breakfast meals in supermarkets. Muesli, cornflakes and fast porridge will not get you far due to added refined sugar and other additives, but you could always try making muesli and granola yourself. This would allow you not only save money but also choosing the right ingredients you like the most.

As surprising as it may sound, you can even eat something ‘forbidden’ in the morning, e.g. a muffin. British scientists have been so concerned with breakfasts that have conducted several researches and discovered that those who allow themselves something ‘excessive’ during breakfasts keep on long diets better and achieve more impressive results than those who refuse eating in the mornings. Furthermore, it is quite reasonable, as calories consumed in the morning will get burned and utilized during the day, but an evening muffin will surely turn into fat.

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