Some Simple Tricks To Make Your Diet Healthier

Some Simple Tricks To Make Your Diet Healthier

How to make your diet healthier?

It may seem easy to exclude all the bad food, but the task is not so simple. That is why we have a list of methods to help you change your eating habits.

Healthy food swaps.

Nothing makes you ‘forget’ your healthy habits faster than hunger – how many times have you forgotten all the good intentions at the sight of a chocolate bun. Anyhow, try to amend your behavior by swapping unhealthy food for a healthier option.

Instead of chips try fruits or yogurt.

It’s 3 PM and you’re so sleepy and tired… Fortunately, you are not alone, your body lacks energy, which is why you grab ’empty carbs’ such as chips and sweets. Instead, fruits and yogurt can become a complete substitute – this healthier option will help to increase your blood sugar and energy levels. This is a low-calorie food, yet filling enough, due to being rich not just in carbs but also in valuable nutrients such as protein and fiber.

Instead of a whole chocolate bar have only one bite.

Don’t ban the sweets completely, you can still have them, but in small portions and in the first part of the day. Substitute unhealthy sweets high in refined sugar and flour with healthy alternatives such as fresh fruits, nuts, dried fruits,  75% cacao chocolate and raw vegan desserts.

Have some protein for breakfast.

British Journal of Nutrition have conducted a research that shows that people eating protein-rich food (yogurt, eggs, nuts ) in the morning also eat less ‘empty ’ food and snacks during the day.

Essential tips for any meal:

Watch not only what you eat, but also how you eat. These are some tips that will help you organize your meals.

Clear the territory.

Is your kitchen full of delicious but yet ‘bad food’? Spare no mercy for anything that can harm your body and revise the content of the fridge – throw out all the crisps, snacks, processed and ‘fast’ food. Swap them for seasonal fruits low in Glycaemic index, vegetables, nuts and low-fat products rich in protein.

Know your place.

Safe environment guarantees that you’ll eat 30% less food than you would on the run. Switch off that TV while eating – ‘The Gossip Girl’ will make you gulp down 70% more food and you won’t even notice.

Don’t spread it all over the place.

Multiple dishes look well indeed, but the serving can make you eat more than needed. It is a lot better to put everything on one plate, trying to fill a half of it with vegetables, a quarter with beans or whole-grain products and the least quarter with protein-rich food. Also, don’t miss the moment when you get full – anything past that will turn into ‘love handles’.

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