Why Do I Need To Detox My Body?


The Importance of Detoxing the Body

So, why do you need to detox in the first place? The word, “detox” has become quite a familiar word for most of us, whether we have participated in the actual process of it or not. With more and more research, studies and ever-increasing knowledge on what is being put into our bodies on a day-to-day basis, the more information we are gaining to help ensure that we are keeping our bodies healthy and thriving.


What are toxins?

To put it in the most simple terms, toxins are any poisonous substances that are produced within a living cell or organism that can cause minor to serious harm. An example of this, would be getting stung by a bee in which case a person might react badly to, with a bump or even a serious rash and inflammation.


Where do they come from?

Every single day, whether you are aware of it or not, you are being exposed to dozens of different types of toxins. From the unhealthy junk food, second or first hand smoke from a cigarette to the chlorine bleach you use to wash clothes.

Unfortunately, the most common source of toxins is food, where we receive toxins in our bodies on a daily basis. These include the meat and fish that come from animals that have been treated with hormones, as well as toxic elements from the veggies treated with chemical fertilizers.

However, not only poisonous elements create the toxins in our bodies. Every single living substance, such as cell, plant, animal or human, creates metabolic toxins, which are their living by-products. Every single cell in our body is eating, absorbing and excreting something, creating toxins that accumulate naturally in our bodies. Elimination of toxins and detoxification is the core of creating a healthy body.

Becoming aware of the fact that we encounter toxins during nearly every hours of the day is the first and very important step to helping solve the problem. The next of course, is to begin cleansing the body of all of those harmful toxins through detox.


Why Should I Detox?

Our bodies were simply not meant to process and allow such toxic elements that we are exposed to in the modern world. Allowing the toxins stay inside of our bodies will ultimately cause a long-term effect on how our bodies function. Detoxing helps to excrete those toxins with the goal of allowing our bodies a somewhat of a new and fresh start.

Although our bodies do in fact help to detox themselves through work of the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, many of the chemicals and substances we are being exposed to these days simply don’t leave our bodies until we take other types of action; detoxing. Detox will rid the body of the negative things and in turn produce a much more healthy environment within your body and help to give you more energy, less stress and overall better quality of life.


By cleansing and detoxing your body in the right way, you will quickly notice positive results and changes in your body.

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